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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

More About Muser Consulting

I'm Dr. Heather Muser, Ed.D., and my journey in agriculture began in 2004

As a seasoned consultant, educator, and auditor, my dedication extends beyond the transactional. I am committed to building lasting relationships, providing services that continue to benefit my clients. I firmly believe that every piece of land stands to gain from sustainable practices, and I aspire to be an asset to growers in achieving that goal. Equally important to me is imparting the critical importance of these practices to the next generation. The enduring benefits of sustainable farming practices go beyond allegiance to specific programs; they are vital for our families, environment, and communities.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to build new partnerships with stakeholders in the agricultural community. As lifelong members of the farming community, we actively contribute to supporting each other and the cherished land we cultivate. I look forward to the privilege of serving as a valuable member of your agricultural team!

Meet the Team

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