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Experts in Sustainable Agriculture 

Welcome! We provide expert guidance and solutions tailored to each Agricultural project, delivered with a focus on exceptional customer service. 


My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I offer a wide array of Agricultural Services, including but not limited to:
-Project Management
-Sustainability Auditing
-Sustainability Consultation
-Sustainability Management Plans
-Government Regulation Assistance
-Production Management Plan Creation

Program Administration

Database Optimization


Transformative Guidance for 20th Century Agricultural Data Tracking

Save time by collecting all critical Agricultural Data in one conveniently accessible location!

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Agricultural Input tracking

  • Yearly Metrics tracking

  • Lab Report tracking

Allow me to give you more time with your hands "in the dirt", and not on the computer keyboard! 

And More...

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Helping to Save you Time and Money!

With services customized to meet the specific needs of each client and optimized to help you fill the gaps, the natural result will saving you time and money!

Consider, for example:

  • Basic/Complex Project Management

  • Strategic/Business Plan Development 

  • Front Office Assistance

Together, we can find new strategies to exceed your business goals!​


Hi, I'm Dr. Heather Muser, Ed.D. and I’ve been a professional in Agriculture since 2004.


I am passionate about maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building a unique, results-driven relationship. 


As a consultant I am dedicated to remaining with my clients (and/or their land) for as long as my services are beneficial. Personally, my goal is to see ALL land be Certified Sustainable...period. The overall and long-term benefits of Sustainable Farming for our families, environment, and community far out-weigh any allegiance to any specific program. As a Lodi CA native, and 5th generation farmer myself, I am committed to advocating for, promoting, and supporting all growers, in all crops, be they located on CA/US/International land to practice Sustainable Farming. 

I look forward to beginning a new partnership in support of any high quality piece of farmland that you are the proud owner of. As a lifelong member California Farming Community, we all work in support of each other and the land we cherish!  


Want to learn more?

Contact me today for a complimentary consultation, and allow me to serve as an extension of your Agricultural team!


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Expertise. Education. Ingenuity. Professional.

I work with Agricultural businesses of all sizes, to provide exceptional services that are tailored specifically to your unique needs. Take a look at the services I offer and contact me to achieve immediate results.

Consulting Services

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A Comprehensive Approach to Growing and Producing from a Sustainable Foundation

Let's talk Sustainability Program acceptance... Participation in any of the various Sustainability Certification programs, provides a direct benefit to both the land and the businesses that work that land.


Whether the need is:

  • Sustainability Program Consultation

  • Organic Program Consultation

  • Management/System Plan Development

  • Sustainability Auditing

  • USDA/NOP Program Inspecting


We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee high quality results.

Regulatory Assistance

Farm Field

Expert Guidance through the

Regulatory Oversight

Streamline the time and work necessary to meet the various regulatory requirements that all Agricultural businesses are under today.


Solutions can include:

  • Water Quality Coalition reporting

  • Water Use reporting

  • Conservation Easement reporting 

  • Other Regulatory Assistance

 I can help! 


“When I needed advice, Muser Consulting was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, we managed to get back on track in no time.”

Reese Mathers

“I’ve worked with Muser Consulting several times now and can definitely say I’ve never collaborated with someone more professional. I’ll definitely be using Muser Consulting again.”

Jessie Brown

“I’m so happy I chose to work with Muser Consulting. From the initial consultation all the way through the project’s conclusion, the service I received was impeccable and the end result really brought my vision to life.”

Avery Smith

I look forward to partnering with you...


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Thank you for your consideration!