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Muser Consulting

Your Partner in Sustainable Agriculture

Supporting over 200 Agricultural Entities for 10 years & counting 

Since 2014, our journey has been fueled by a passion for sustainable growing practices in agriculture. Beyond offering years of expertise, we are dedicated to advocating for growers of all crops, guiding you through certifications, navigating regulations, and passing the essential inspections required for your business. Let's connect and explore how we can assist you in achieving a future in farming that we can all be proud of!


Our Approch to Sustainability 

At Muser Consulting, we believe sustainability is more than a checkbox or a form to complete; it's a heartfelt commitment to caring for the land we steward. It's an acknowledgment that we're shaping a better future for generations to come. We don't just guide you through certification requirements; we collaborate with you to foster a genuine belief in sustainable practices. Together, we elevate the health of your land and the quality of your crops.

Man in Farm

 Consulting Services

Applying for Cerftification through organic or sustainability programs with Muser Consulting is not just a step; it's a strategic move towards preserving natural resources and boosting profitability for your organization. Allow us to give you more time in the field, and less time behind a computer screen.  We will guide and advise you through every step of the process, from documentation to your audit or inspection. Working together, we can fulfill your certification requirements in an efficient manner. 

Wine Grape Programs - CCSW, SIP

We can help you through the entire process of getting your fields certified in both the CCSW (Certified California Sustainable Wine) program, and SIP (Sustainability In Practice) program. 
We are not currently offering consulting services for the Lodi Rules program.

California Certified Organic - CCOF

There are many requirements to receiving organic certification through CCOF that we are happy to assist you with; Citrus, Row Crops, Nut Orchards, and Vineyards. Please contact us to tell us more about the needs at your farm.

Food Safety Certifications - Global GAP, SQF, GMP, HACCP

We can assist with your desire to be certified in Global GAP, SQF, GMP (Good Manufacturing Principles), and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

Green Farm
Green Farm

Auditing and Inspection Excellence

At Muser Consulting, our auditing expertise extends beyond a mere examination of practices—it's a commitment to ensuring excellence, integrity, and adherence to the highest standards. Since 2014, we've been chosen as the 3rd Party Independent Auditor for the esteemed LODI RULES program, owned and developed by the Lodi Wine Grape Commission. Our proficiency doesn't end there; we offer comprehensive auditing services in the following domains:

Lodi Rules Sustainability Program

Our seasoned auditors bring a wealth of experience to assess and enhance sustainability practices within your organization. We help navigate the total scope of the Lodi Rules sustainability program, upholding the standard, ensuring compliance, and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

National Organic Program (NOP) Inspection

As NOP inspectors, we delve into the intricacies of organic farming, examining every aspect to ensure your practices align with the standards set by the National Organic Program. Our detailed inspections help to ensure that your organic products meet the highest quality and authenticity.

Blue Skies

About Heather Muser, Owner 

​As a seasoned consultant, educator, and auditor, my dedication extends beyond the transactional. I am committed to building lasting relationships and providing services that continue to benefit my clients. I firmly believe that every piece of land stands to gain from sustainable practices, and I aspire to be an asset to growers in achieving that goal. Equally important to me is imparting the critical importance of these practices to the next generation. The enduring benefits of sustainable farming practices go beyond allegiance to specific programs; they are vital for our families, environment, and communities.

As a Lodi, CA native and 5th generation farmer, I am devoted to advocating for, promoting, and supporting all growers and producers, regardless of their location.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to build new partnerships with stakeholders in the agricultural community. As lifelong members of the farming community, we actively contribute to supporting each other and the cherished land we cultivate. I look forward to the privilege of serving as a valuable member of your agricultural team!

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Reese M.

“Muser Consulting was there to guide me through every step of the Certification process. With her help, we successfully completed Certification prior to the 2019 season!"


 Samantha D.

"Working with Heather from Muser Consulting helped our farm and business develop towards more Sustainable practices which we have been wanting to do for several years now. Glad to have worked with them to get our farm going in this direction."

Joseph G.

"Very Thankful to have Muser Consulting help our farm through the whole aduiting and certification process at a convienent time for us. She is very thorough and easy to work with!" 
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